Fibre-connected countries do much better

UK 24th in global broadband value ranking

The UK has come 24th in a league table of the world’s broadband markets, well behind other major nations such as Germany and Russia.

Hong Kong has the best value broadband worldwide, acccording to the research by analysts Point Topic, with 1Gb fibre broadband costing less than US$0.03 per megabit per year.

At the opposite end of the table, the most expensive broadband country is Peru with a broadband connection costing over $200 per megabit per year.

Singapore has also joined the top ten list of countries with the best value broadband with a massive reduction in the cost of broadband between Q2 and Q3, illustrative of how quickly the figures can change as different packages, particularly fibre-based superfast broadband packages, are added to the offerings of the major telcos.

The UK research firm adds that Singapore has now joined the top ten list of countries offering the best value broadband, but cautions that rankings can change very quickly, for example if a particular operator upgrades its network or decides to introduce a new tariff, which can result in a "significant" improvement in the benefit vs. cost ratio.

“Consumers in different countries are faced with very different broadband tariffs, dependent on geography, market and network maturity, local competition and various levels and sources of subsidy,” said Point Topic analyst Fiona Vanier.

“Nine of the ten best value tariffs are either pure fibre or hybrid offerings where fibre is a significant part of the local loop. The exception is Germany where Unity Media offer a cable service that is very competitive."

Table 1: Lowest cost/megabit by country, operator and tariff – the top 10 (PPP rates)

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