Move ahead of of new EU rules to prevent 'bill shock'

Vodafone slash European roaming charges

Vodafone has reduced roaming internet charges in Europe following new European Commission rules to prevent so-called ‘bill shock’.

The European Commission introduced new rules to prevent excessive bills, reportedly prompted following a German traveller charged 46,000 euros for downloading a mobile via a smartphone.

The new rules mean that users will be cut off when their monthly internet bill exceeds 50 euros excluding local tax and customers will receive a warning when they are within 80 percent of the limit.

"There will be no more bill shocks for tourists or business travellers surfing the internet with smart phones or laptops while in another EU country," said the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes.

Vodafone said that customers can take up a ‘domestic data plan abroad’ which would cost two euros per day and which represented a cost reduction of up to 60 per cent over existing plans while also including an increase to the data allowance.

Vodafone will likely be one of several operators keen to paint roaming charges as the firm’s initiative rather than being compelled to do so due to the new EU rules.

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