Plans sales conference to boost Eee channel

Asus concerned tablets will eat into firm’s netbook share

Taiwanese manufacturing industry watcher the Digitimes has said that Asustek Computer is concerned that the rise of the tablet market will impact upon the firm’s traditional notebook business.

Back in 2009, the Eee-PC maker had set a goal to become the world number three manufacturer of notebooks within three years. With 2011 looming and the tablet market set to explode with iPad competitors, the firm may not be able to attain the coveted third place position in time.

A source quoted by the Digitimes said that Asus, Acer and Samsung were heavily dependent on netbook sales as part of their laptop market share so a decline in the segment would hurt their share of the notebook market overall.

As a response the firm is said to be hosting a sales conference in December with Asus bosses from divisions worldwide in order to try revive sales in the firm’s Ee branded products. 

Interestingly, the Digitimes source also said that Asus is looking to ‘differentiate’ the firm’s planned tablet computers in order to avoid having to compete on price in a commodity Android tablet market.

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