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Company profile: FaceVsion

Where and by whom was FaceVsion formed?

FaceVsion Technology was founded in Taiwan by Quanta, a Fortune 500 company and the world’s leading netbook and notebook manufacturer. Quanta has a research and development division that is dedicated to creating the latest technology to improve productivity devices for consumers and manufacturing partners.

This expertise led to the production of the True HD codec that you now see in the TouchCam N1 VideoCam. FaceVsion was created to further develop this technology and bring a range of solutions to market which deliver HD quality video communication to the masses. With its headquarters in Taipei, the firm has three more local offices in the USA, Hong Kong and one in mainland China.

Are you planning on branching out into any other areas?

FaceVsion is about providing HD video communication solutions over the internet without a leased line. Therefore we have a family of communications solutions, ranging from personal video communications devices, such as the TouchCam N1, to boardroom conferencing systems.

Is the webcam market growing?

Definitely. More than 90 per cent of netbooks and notebooks currently sold come with integrated webcams, which proves that consumers are using video as part of their daily communication and that the demand for improved communication is rising dramatically.

Web conferencing is pretty rare in the UK at the moment, how commonplace is it likely to become?

The short answer is very commonplace. Skype usage at the end of Q4 2009 was at 560 million registered users, and 36 per cent of Skype to Skype calls included video already.

This illustrates how enormous the potential of web conferencing is, particularly when coupled with the popularity of integrated webcams in netbooks and notebooks.

Video conferencing has become part of everyday life for some consumers because the technology is readily accessible. New users sign up to the likes of Skype, MSN Messenger and other web-based chat and video platforms en masse – daily.

More and more people are working remotely from their offices and many others are on the move, making quality communication more of a challenge. This leads corporations to look for the easiest and most cost-effective solutions to stay in touch with their remote staff. Our video conferencing solutions enable businesses to stay connected with their employees in true high definition at any time, from anywhere.

The technology for that sort of activity has been around for years – what do you offer that isn’t already out there?

We are still the only company that offers H.264 hardware encoding and FTTH to deliver true HD video communication. In layman’s terms, that means we are the only company that offers TRUE HD embedded in to our Video Cams.

Subject to an upload speed of 1MB, a user can benefit from a 78 degrees wide angle lens, true high definition 720p quality with 16:9 aspect ratio and embedded dual microphones for excellent audio quality.

Where are your main targets of expansion, globally?

We have partnered with Tencent QQ, Skype and Google to jointly deliver the benefits and power of HD video communications to all internet users. We are very excited to be leading the way with this technology.

Within the channel FaceVsion is currently working with the right distribution partners to help educate and grow the market in this area. The video conferencing industry has shown double figure growth year-on-year; this is the right time for resellers that still want to add value and service to their clients to take a look.

We are currently building our network of resellers in the UK through our partner Imago Group, and are continuing with other partners in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia and South Africa, with more countries expected in the next quarter.

What are you planning to do in the UK specifically?

As I mentioned, our objective is to grow through the channel. We do not have a direct sales model at all. We recognise that despite the fact that our products are plug and play and easy to use, they can be part of a much larger solution. Video communication is an industry that still enables many resellers to add value and deliver services that will help them gain and retain new customers.

Our product range spans from a simple webcam straight through to boardroom solutions. Imago Group has a wealth of knowledge in this sector and would be happy to talk through the opportunity with any company that is interested in finding out more.

Where do you see the company in five years’ time?

FaceVsion has gradually been building up its brand image through consumer HD webcam product lines. Over the next few years – besides keeping up innovation and releasing new, improved and optimised products with higher technical specs – we are also targeting small and medium enterprises, as well as vertical solutions in the video communication market.

Our mission is to provide truly flexible, scalable and affordable HD video communications solutions to consumers and SMEs, enabling them to communicate anytime and anywhere.


*Founded by notebook manufacturer Quanta to develop HD video technology.
*Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with additional offices in the USA, Hong Kong and China.
*Has partnered with Tencent QQ, Skype and Google.
*Is building UK channel partnerships through Imago Group.
*Products range from home webcams to boardroom solutions.

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