Black Friday punters miss out

Amazon $89 Kindle sells out in seconds

The Amazon Black Friday sale offered the firm’s second generation Kindle e-reader for $89 but the deal ‘sold out’ so fast customers have questioned just how many there were for sale.

What was billed as a ‘Lightning Deal’ had come and gone just moments after the 9AM appearance of the cut-price Kindle. At least some people had apparently netted Amazon’s e-reader while other customers were clearly displeased at having missed out.

One angry customer quoted by the Kindle Blog said:

“Amazon knew it would be flooded with people wanting this product across the country. To have it NOT available from the SECOND it goes on sale is FRAUD. New laws are needed to govern this sort of sale situation. (And yes, I have done many auctions and understand that sometimes you can’t get what you want. But to not even have enough for 5 minutes?! Two minutes?? ONE minute?!!!!! Bulls—.)”

While another ‘more level headed’ customer said:

“From the information I can dig up, Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer in the world. I know many people in England, Ireland, Brazil and Iceland shop on this site. Two that I know of that live in England got the Kindles yesterday. If Amazon had 2000 units for sale, it is a no brainer to figure out how fast they would sell out….about 2 seconds.”

The Amazon Black Friday FAQ states that deals are short term and quantities are strictly limited.

“In the meantime, you can still get the newest Kindle for only $50 more than the sale. If you were in it for yourself, or even if you really like the person you were planning on giving the gift to, the Kindle 3 is a step up anyway,” said the Kindle Blog.

Which is likely just the effect Amazon intended.

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