Batman: Arkham Asylum going for a fiver

Valve kicks off Give and Get Sale

PC digital games store Stream has launched a “Give and Get” sale to run until Monday with a new set of deals every day.

The Steam Store always has some form of discounted games but the Give and Get sale is offering even better deals than usual with the March release blockbuster Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year selling for just $10.20 or £5.10. Other deals include Defence Grid: The Awakening for $2.50 / £1.75 and the popular music puzzle game AudioSurf for just $2.50 / £1.50.

In addition to the sale, Valve is running a promotion around the Steam game ‘wish lists’ where every day Valve will give 30 Steam users the top five games on their wish list. All users need to do put ten games in their wish list in order to be eligible.

Valve is also extending the firm’s move into offering multi-pack deals of games that may be gifted between Steam users. A six pack of Valve’s zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 can be picked up for $24.99 or £14.99. Now that’s a bargain.

PC gaming fans would be well advised to keep an eye on the sale page to see what comes up over the weekend.

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