Crytek boss says PC gaming is a generation ahead

PC Gaming being ‘limited’ by Xbox 360 and PS3

The boss of videogame developer Crytek has said that the PC is a generation ahead of games consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 and is being ‘held back’ by the consoles.

Crytek was responsible for the famously demanding Crysis and is presently at work on a sequel. However Crytek boss Cervat Yerli said that game developers’ creative expression was “limited” by the dominance of the Sony and Microsoft games consoles.

“As long as the current console generation exists and as long as we keep pushing the PC as well, the more difficult it will be to really get the benefit of both,” Yerli told Edge Magazine in an interview.

Yerli said that the PC was “easily a generation ahead” and that games ahead would struggle to gain extra performance from the aging consoles. However Yerli did not lay the blame squarely at the videogames consoles but said that game developers don’t consider PC versions of games “a big issue” due to lower sales expectations.

“Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game.”

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