Retro-active move applies to previous applications too

Android market to gain content ratings

Google announced that it is to add content rating to applications appearing in the Android marketplace within the ‘next few weeks’.

Posting on the Android developers blog, Google spokesman Eric Chu said that “more information about applications” was a top request from android users and so the firm will begin showing content ratings for applications split up into All, Pre-Teem, Teen and Mature categories.

Presently the Android marketplace is something of a free for all with even basic searches turning up plenty of applications which parents would probably not feel comfortable with allowing their children to install upon their phone. However Google didn’t mention any form of content control system, just that the information would be shown on applications.

The rating system is also entirely voluntary although developers who don’t update their application content rating will be automatically rated mature. In effect all adult and all abandoned applications, of which there are thousands on the marketplace, will be lumped into the mature category. This may prove to be a useful noise filter if Google allows the user to stop mature apps appearing.

“We are working hard to rapidly deliver improvements and upgrades to Android Market. Please look for more Android Market upgrades in the coming weeks,” said Chu.

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