18-24 month contract discount for Christmas promotion

Orange and T-Mobile to offer iPad ‘as low as ?200’

Mobile network brands operated by Everything Everywhere are claimed to be planning to sell the Apple iPad direct from their web sites and retail stores under heavy discount this Christmas according to a Marketing Week report.

The Apple iPad is expected to be a major force in the consumer electronics category within the peak shopping season but with high-end models costing anything up to £700, the decision to offer iPad under heavy subsidy will likely be cause a stampede of demand.

Marketing Week said that the Orange and T-Mobile brands, via their web stores and retail stores, would be offering the iPad as low as £200 for those signing up to lengthy 18 to 24 month contracts. Such aggressive discounting represents a bold move to grab market share from rival mobile operators.

With the entry level iPad priced at £529, offering up Apple’s tablet for £200 represents less than half of the retail cost. If there’s a caveat it is that with Apple set to launch a successor to the iPad in early 2011, users taking up the offer may find the first generation iPad somewhat long in the tooth towards the end of their contract.

An announcement from Everything Everywhere was said to appear on Monday but the company has not yet officially confirmed the offer.

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