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?10 and ?20 gift cards for virtual items

Tesco and Game sell Facebook Credits virtual currency

Tesco and Game are set to begin selling Facebook virtual currency called ‘Facebook Credit’ which may be used to buy digital items within Facebook games.

Gift cards of Facebook Credit ‘currency’ can be bought from retailers to buy virtual objects or they can be earned through applications as regards. Over 200 Facebook games and apps accept Facebook Credits already and many of the most popular titles have been quick to include support.

The gift cards offered at Tesco and Game will come in £10 and £20 varieties. While Facebook gets 30 per cent of the value of the cards , the scheme is expected to result in millions of dollars of revenue for popular Facebook game publishers such as Zynga and the extremely popular Farmville game.

It’s also possible to buy Facebook credits directly from the site via Paypal and direct credit card billing. Facebook said that after the first payment, adding additional funds takes “just a few clicks.”

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