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First system to ship with web focused OS

Jolibook Linux-based netbook goes on sale

The Jolibook, a new Jolicloud-powered netbook computer, has gone on sale in the UK at Amazon and direct from the manufactuer Vye.

Billed as the first Jolicloud-powered computer, the French firm says the Jolibook is for people who ‘live in the cloud’ and the alternative-OS computer comes pre-loaded with the Chromium web browser, Facebook, Spotify, VLC media player, Skype and ‘a bunch of other cool apps that are one click away’.

The £279 Jolibook hardware is based on a dual core Atom N550 CPU and a 250GB hard drive. The Jolicloud OS is a similar idea to that of Google’s upcoming Chrome OS in that it’s designed generally to run web applications, however Jolicloud is essentially a reskinned version of the Ubuntu Netbook Edition which has done much to obscure the more difficult aspects of the Linux operating system.

The latest version Jolicloud 1.1 has recently received praise from reviewers pleased with the performance benefits of a Linux-based OS with the user-friendly Jolicloud interface,

It appears that the Vye-made Jolibook also sports the lid design graphic pictured here. The companies said that orders of the device would begin shipping on Monday.

Jolicloud is also available as a free download to install on any PC hardware. Jolicloud bill the OS as “breathing life into old computers” via a simple "one-click install process" the company says.

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