VIDEO: Nokia veep Savande keen to head off PR fallout

Nokia responds to N8 crash and boot issues

With reports surfacing of Nokia’s flagship N8 smartphone occasionally failing to reboot, Nokia has published a YouTube interview with the firm’s executive vice president Niklas Savande.

“We have been getting excellent feedback from consumers on the capabilities of the Nokia N8, but in the last couple of days you may have seen stories in the media about a very small number of users reporting that their Nokia N8 is not switching on as it should,” the company wrote on the introduction of the Nokia Conversations video.

Owners of the new smartphone have been struck by the issue around the world according to the posts on a number of multi-page threads on the Nokia support forum for the N8. The company has moved swiftly to underline the fact that the problem is not wide spread, the first question put to Savande by “Phil”, presumably of the Nokia marketing department, noticeably stressed the words ‘some users’.

“Yes in fact I have heard of the same, through our customer care we have heard that a limited number of Nokia N8 customers are experiencing a power down… or not power up of the device,” said Savande.

Perhaps nervous of the impact of negative press from the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, Savande continued: “As I’m sure you’ve heard today, this discussion that was between us and our consumers are also now spreading to the general public , this is obviously therefore a good time to have this chat about it.”

Savande appears only to acknowledge the failure to start the phone on the affected units but it’s clear from the forum posts that a number of users have been impacted by crashes which actually shut down the phone, not just problems with powering the N8 up again.

However Savande went on to say the cause of the issue was known and that it was related to the way the company “assembled the engines” and said that as a precautionary action the firm had “taken immediate action across the product line.”

Asked how many units it was, Savande said it was small in relation to the number of N8s shipped and said that customers should, if they felt they were impacted by the issue (we imagine if your phone fails to start you will feel fairly impacted) then the customer can contact Nokia service and they will resolve the issue.

You can see the Nokia Conversations video below:

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