No booting the Deskstar 7K3000 on 32-bit OSes

Hitachi releases 3TB hard drive

The Hitachi 7K3000 is set to be the first of the firm’s drives to hit the 3TB storage mark and the first to add support for the 6Gb/s SATA interface standard.

The 7,200 rpm hard drive is also fitted with 64MB of cache which the firm said delivers “a big boost to performance” over the previous generation of drives. Smashing the 2TB barrier, the 3TB Desktop 7K3000 can represent a problematic upgrade for some systems so the firm is also making available models with 2TB and 1.5TB capacities.

Hitachi also published a new web page for consumers called “Above 2TB” which sets out the pitfalls of the 2TB barrier on various operating system versions.

“The most direct way to resolve this issue is to use Long LBAs. However, Long LBAs are only supported in 64-bit operating systems, like Windows 7 and Windows Vista,” the company reminds users on the web page.

“Users wishing to use these high-capacity drives will need to implement a combination of operating system, BIOS, drive partition tables and hard disk drive (HDD) drivers that support high-capacity drives in order to gain full access to the high capacities offered.”

Hitachi hasn’t released any pricing or availability yet. It’s likely the first place the drive will appear is in various OEM systems before appearing in the retail channel.

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