80 gigapixel monster would make a print 35 meters long

London features in world’s largest spherical panoramic photo

360cities.net has released an online 80 gigapixel panoramic photo of London which it says is the world’s largest spherical panoramic photo and would, if printed at normal photograph resolution, result in a print 35 meters long and 17 meters tall.

Photographed by Jeffrey Martin over a period of three days from the top of the Centre Point building at the crossroads of Oxford Street and Tottenham, the photo joins a number of other city panoramic photos such as a 26 gigapixel image of Paris and a 70 gigapixel image of Prague.

"This image is, I would say, the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced as a photographer, and the finished product is certainly one of the highlights of my photographic career," said Martin.

Martin constructed the image from 7886 high-resolution individual photos which were then stiched together on a powerful Fujitsu CELCIUS workstation comprising of 6 CPUs and 192GB of RAM.

The firm wishes to encourage people to explore the 80 gigapixel image of London by launching three competitions to find and describe items and places in the photo. Winners will receive prizes such as a Fujitsu 27-inch monitor, Crumpler.com camera bags and $3,000 of holidays from Intrepid Travel and Urban Adventures.

The photo can be browsed online via 360cities.net.

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