Drops price of 10GB online backup subscription to ?16.95

BullGuard releases Backup 10

BullGuard has released the BullGuard Backup 10 software backup solution, which the firm claims is ‘vastly improved’ over the previous version.

Among the features of BullGuard Backup 10 are fast upload speeds, secure online access, automatic backups, E-mail backup integrated with clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows mail, unlimited versioning, drag and drop functionality and encrypted storage.

“We’ve effectively addressed the most important issues that can keep users from using backup: Improvements to upload speed makes it quick, set-and-forget makes it easy, encrypted storage and transfer makes it completely secure, wrapping it up in our renowned BullGuard design makes it easy to use and the online accessibility makes it a device independent and flexible solution,” said BullGuard Backup product manager Morten Rinder Stengaard.

The firm also said it has lowered the price of online backup to £16.95 for 10GB of data. The standard subscription also comes with 24/7 support directly from the BullGuard interface.

Other subscription plans cost £28.95 for 25GB, £57.95 for 50GB and £115.95 for 100GB of online backup storage.

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