VIDEO: Upcoming 2011 tablet struts stuff against Apple

RIM shows PlayBook outperforming iPad at web browsing

Smartphone maker RIM has released a video giving a side by side demonstration of the web usability of the firm’s upcoming PlayBook tablet and the Apple iPad.

The video entitled “BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad Comparison: Web Fidelity” is introduced as a sneak preview of the BlackBerry PlayBook browser. With the smaller PlayBook on the left and the Apple iPad on the right, both devices are shown loading the same pages via WiFi. Suffice to say RIMs video shows the PlayBook giving the iPad a hefty beating in web performance terms.

Page load times are considerably better on the PlayBook and there’s the issue of Flash support, meaning many pages don’t show up as intended on the iPad. RIM also claim superior HTML5 browser performance.

“You notice once again, the PlayBook has rendered its content almost before the iPad has rendered anything,” says RIM’s ‘Matthew’ presenting the video. 

The obvious mitigating factor here is that the iPad has been out for eight months while the PlayBook is due some time in 2011. The two could hardly be said to be the same class of device even, with much different screen sizes. By the time the PlayBook arrives Apple may well be close to a successor to the iPad.

Judge for yourself by seeing the full video below:

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