Leaked memo cites high return rate and 'multiple issues'

Dixons removes Toshiba Folio 100 tablet from sale

The Toshiba Folio 100 Android tablet has reportedly been removed from sale by Dixons

According to a leaked memo featuring a screenshot of Dixons’ intranet showing a message from Netbook and Projector category manager Tom Bradley, the retailer will be leaving the device on display but stopping sales by increasing the price to £999.

“Due to very high returns rates, we are temporarily stopping sales on this product,” said Bradley, going on to say that the Folio suffers from “a number of issues.”

The Folio is the first widely available 10-inch tablet, a size which many manufacturers have deemed unsuitable for the smartphone OS Android until the 3.0 ‘honeycomb’ appears early next year. Complaints about the Folio included the lack of Android Market Place although this was communicated by Toshiba before the product went on sale.

Toshiba instead announced they would bundle their own marketplace which will feature apps tested on the larger screen size typically not supported by most Android phone applications. Adobe Flash is another sticking point for some users with the device shipping without Flash although an update is planned by Toshiba soon.

Forum posters on the Modaco forums also cited a mix of hardware and software issues from poor quality display, fragile case and numerous software oddities including the £329 device waking itself up from suspend for no apparent reason.

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