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Copy-cat tablet seems to be courting multiple lawsuits

Chinese company makes ?ePad?

A Chinese company called Wise Technology has created a tablet device that bears more than a passing resemblance to the iPad and utilises the Internet Explorer logo in its name.

Described by Pocket Lint as “the Frankenstein of tablets”, the device is called the ePad and runs on Android 2.1.

Despite its origins, the device actually has a fairly respectable spec list for a price equivalent to £110. It carries a 10.2-inch resistive touchscreen, a one GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, two GB of flash storage and two USB ports.

Whether or not the device will ever make it beyond the borders of China remains to be seen…

Authors note: Apparently I spoke too soon, the 7-inch version of the ePad is currently available for pre-order at Maplins – without the ePad branding. Thanks Tony!

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