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"Apple and Adobe are on different sides", says Narayen

Adobe boss says company is ‘at war’ over developers

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen downplayed the much publicised conflict between the creative software giant and Apple but acknowledged that the firms were effectively at ‘war’.

Speaking to delegates at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Narayen said that the media had a role to play in selling up the conflict between the two computers but never the less pulled no punches in describing the nature of their relationship.

“There’s a war happening for developers,” Narayen he said answering a question at the conference. “Adobe has always been about helping people create content for multiple devices … Apple and Adobe are on different sides of that point of control,” he said according to a Reuters report.

Narayen also re-stated the firm’s belief that Adobe Flash was not an inherently battery training technology although forced to acknowledge recent testing of Flash which has shown significant battery reduction, Narayen qualified the statement by saying that the platform needed to be supported with graphics hardware acceleration.

Rumours of a buy-out of Adobe by Microsoft, which temporarily sent Adobe stock soaring on Wall Street, were also denied.

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