Call of Duty is named top game for wrecking relationships

No sex for gamers

The Daily Mail is on the case of games again this morning – and this time it’s blaming them for being a passion killer.

The newspaper cites a report by One Poll which reveals that five per cent of gamers admit that their hobby has cost them their relationship. In addition, it claims that half of women whose partners own consoles said that they were ‘jealous’ of the time they spent gaming.

More worryingly, the research points out that one in ten men have admitted to choosing time with their games to a night of passion.

One Poll surveyed 1,500 gamers, with a spokesperson offering: "It seems like a games console often means there are three people in a relationship. It’s a bit sad if the virtual world is taking precendence over the real world."

According to The Mail and One Poll, the top ‘relationship wrecking games’ are:-

1. Call of Duty
2. Football Manager
3. Grand Theft Auto
5. Medal of Honour
6. Halo
7. Super Mario Bros
8. Gran Turismo
9. Mario Kart
10. Guitar Hero

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