New SSD is a third of the thickness of a standard SSD drive

Toshiba launches ultra compact SSD drives

Toshiba announced the Blade X-gale SSD series, cramming up to 256GB of fast solid state storage into a slender high density form factor for integration into ‘space sensitive’ products.

The Blade X-gale series will be available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and offer maximum sequential read performance of 220MB/s and write performance of 180MB/s. The new devices are aimed at devices such as laptops, tablets and netbook PCs and are the thinnest devices yet offered by Toshiba.

"Up to this point, SSD designs also followed the basic design of small form factor HDD – which does not fully leverage the capabilities of high density NAND technology,” said Toshiba memory boss Scott Nelson. “Toshiba’s module-based SSDs break with this approach, giving hardware designers greater freedom and flexibility in enabling their product design.”

At a thickness of just 2.2mm, the modules are 42 percent thinner than that of a typical mSATA SSD drive and Toshiba say the firm’s new advanced wiring technology will lead to better motherboard layouts and device transfer rates in the new form factor.

The density of NAND enables thinner devices than have been so far designed on the basis of creating products designed to be drop in replacements for mechanical drives. “Delivering a product that enables superior user experience in a smaller footprint is the ultimate goal,” added Nelson.

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