Promotion to run during Internet Week Europe event

Skype provides free WiFi access in UK

Skype has providing free WiFi access across the UK during the Internet Week festival, providing WiFi access through partners including BT Openzone.

Normally Skype WiFi is paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis similar to the system the firm uses to charge for telephone calls to regular telephone numbers, however this week the VoIP giant is offering free WiFi access via the Skype Access system.

Since many WiFi hotspot networks have peering arrangements with other networks, Skype too is able to provide WiFi access via a large number of partners including the UK’s largest BT OpenZone network. Doubtless the company is also hoping to entice users capitalising on free WiFi to go on to keep using Skype Access.

The free access will continue until midnight on the the 12th November 2010. All that’s necessary is the latest version of Skype for Mac or Windows and to be within range of one of the hotspots of a participating network. Skype have a list of networks here.

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