Mac USB 3.0 driver for PCI Express and ExpressCard solutions

LaCie brings USB 3.0 to Apple Macs

Storage specialist LaCie has made available a USB 3.0 driver for Apple Macs with OS X 10.4 and later.

While Apple’s official line is that the firm does not support the super-speed USB standard which provides 5Gb/s transfer rates as opposed to the older standard’s meagre 480 Mb/s, Lacie has jumped the gun with an Mac USB 3.0 driver available for free.

The firm offers two Mac USB 3.0 host adaptors, the LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express card for Mac Pro desktops and the ExpressCard/34 for MacBook Pros. The firm also offers a range of USB 3.0 external storage devices such as the Rugged USB 3.0, LaCie d2 USB 3.0 and LaCie Minimus and Rikki external USB 3.0 enclosures.

LaCie has an information page available on Mac USB 3.0 compatibility here.

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