Apache mod improves page load times by 50 per cent

Google launch web site acceleration tool

Google have launched a new module for the popular Apache web server designed to implement a range of optimisations automatically in order to speed up web pages.

Announcing the availability of the ‘mod_pagespeed’ module on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google’s head of firm’s ‘Make the Web Faster’ initiative Richard Rabbat said it was straightforward for developers webmasters to adjust web server configuration settings to realise web page speed gains.

“But we thought we could make it even easier — ideally these optimizations should happen with minimal developer and webmaster effort,” said Rabbat. “So today, we’re introducing a module for the Apache HTTP Server called mod_pagespeed to perform many speed optimizations automatically.”

The mode bundles more than 15 optimizations which, Rabbat said, address various aspects of web performance and could reduce page load times by up to 50 per cent. The 50 per cent figure was an average across a sample of web sites the company tested with the mod_pagespeed applied.

As well as making the mod_pagespeed module available, the company has open sourced the module for a variety of Linux distributions popular as operating systems hosting web servers. “We hope to work with the hosting, developer and webmaster community to improve mod_pagespeed and make the web faster,” concluded Rabbat.

Google produced a video demonstration of mod_pagespeed which can be viewed below:

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