27 nations take part in pan-continental internet war games exercise

Europe simulates full-scale cyber war

The European Union simulated a full-scale cyber-war yesterday, in which the entire continent’s defences were testes against a massive web attack.

All 27 member nations took part in the exercise, in which networks and servers were (virtually) brought down one by one, to test security measures and back-up procedures should digital communication be wiped out.

The news follows the devastating Stuxnet worm attack which targtted Iranian infrastructure, and yesterday’s claims by the Burmese government that foreign sources had brought down its connection to the internet.

"This exercise to test Europe’s preparedness against cyber threats is an important first step towards working together to combat potential online threats to essential infrastructure and ensuring citizens and businesses feel safe and secure online," said European technology commissioner Neelie Kroes, reports the AFP.

Increasingly complex cyber war exercises are expected to take place in the future.

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