iPhone owners scramble to bypass Apple's Flash ban

iPhone Skyfire flash-capable browser ‘sells out’

A new browser for the iPhone called Skyfire 2.0 has triggered a stampede of users keen to get their hands on the new browser which offers support for Flash video.

Despite Apple’s insistence on a ban of Adobe’s Flash technology on the iPhone, the new Skyfire 2.0 application gets past the restriction by processing Flash content on the firm’s web servers and then streaming content to the phone in HTML 5 ‘Apple legal’ formats.

Within a matter of hours of the application becoming available, Skyfire 2.0 climbed to the top of the download list on the App Store and left Skyfire Labs servers struggling to cope with the demand. The company then declared the application temporarily ‘sold out’ as it set about adding extra capacity to cope with the demand.

The Skyfire browser itself is ‘built on top’ of the standard Safari browser, adding a number of new features such as mult-tab browsing and search optimisations. There’s also a function to directly share web pages via Facebook and Twitter while a ‘Facebook Quickview’ takes the user directly to the Facebook wall view.

Skyfire 2.0 has been available on the Android platform since April but it’s likely of less interest to Android users who have benefited from native Flash support since the introduction of Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ but third party browsers such as Skyfire, Dolphin HD and Opera Mini have been among the more popular applications in the Marketplace.

Skyfire 2.0 costs $2.99 on the iTunes App store and the company has produced a ‘press demo video’ on YouTube which shows off some of the capabilities of the third party browser:


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