VIDEO: Social networking giant shows off new 'single sign on'

Facebook issues major mobile app updates

Facebook has released updates to the social networking giant’s apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

The new versions of the software introduce ‘single sign-on’ which the Facebook spokesman Erick Tseng described as ‘a hassle-free way to log in to mobile applications’ in a post on the official Facebook Blog.

“Now when you’re logged into Facebook, it’s easier for you to log in into other applications on your mobile phone with single sign on. Gone is that tedious annoyance of having to type in your username and password again on a tiny phone keyboard.”

The new Android client takes the version up to 1.4 and includes support for Facebook Places and Facebook Groups. “With the launch of Places, you and your friends can now check in to your favorite restaurant, museum, business or any other location from your Android phone,” said Tseng.

The new iPhone Facebook client version 3.3 provides access to a new service called ‘Facebook Deals’ which is designed to find “nearby deals from your favourite businesses – from restaurants down the block to major retailers.”

Facebook Deals is presently restricted to locations with the United States but the company said it would be expanding them to more merchants, presumably in other countries. The firm also launched a video demonstration of the new Single Sign On for Mobile which you can see below:

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