State media for the ruling military junta blames outside agents for attack which knocked the country off the net

Burma web attack blamed on external sources

Burmese state media is reportedly claiming an external cyber attack targeted against the country’s main server has completely crippled its internet access, running contrary to accusations that the ruling military junta deliberately sabotaged it.

Some sources, such as the Committee for the Protection of Journalists in New York, have alleged authorities were deliberately disrupting the country’s internet access in order to make reporting the upcoming elections more difficult.

While the Government is yet to make an official announcement, a domestic, state-run newspaper called Myanmar Newsweek said that ‘the system was a victim of an external cyber attack’, according to the Democratic Voice of Burma.

Burma has been accused of sabotaging its own internet before around election times, though it wouldn’t be the first time this year that suspicions have arisen of international state-funded cyber attacks.

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