"UK's aging infrastructure" already a threat to broadband

Virgin warns businesses of cloud computing ‘huge bandwidth’

Cable ISP Virgin Media warned that businesses moving to cloud computing were set to demand a “huge amount of bandwidth” and would be critical for firms already facing bandwidth limitations.

Writing on the the Virgin Media Business Blog, the ISPs business broadband commercial director Andrew McGrath said that cloud computing was a hot topic and that there were benefits in businesses migrating services to the cloud such as reducing IT management costs and facilitating remote working but that cloud-based computing was not suitable for all.

“As with most things, it depends entirely on your business and what your requirements are. For some firms, moving everything to the cloud will be ideal,” said McGrath. “For others it may only make sense to put specific applications in the cloud. “

“But regardless of whether you decide to move everything to the cloud or just certain applications, it’s vital not to forget how you’ll access it. Cloud computing can take up a huge amount of bandwidth as data is constantly being uploaded and downloaded.”

McGrath urged businesses to check they have enough network capacity, saying that it was particularly important for businesses experiencing issues with bandwidth limitations “imposed by the UK’s aging infrastructure.”

McGrath went on to point out the unlimited bandwidth offered as part of the new Big Red Internet service aimed at businesses.

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