Aims to develop 10 nanometer process by 2016

Intel to join forces with Samsung and Toshiba in chip technology consortium

Intel will join Asian chipmakers Toshiba and Samsung to form a consortium aimed at developing next generation fabrication technologies.

Japanese business newspaper the Nikkei Daily reported that Toshiba and Samsung would join Intel in a venture designed to push the lower limits of transistors in chips down to the 10 nanometer barrier and below, according to a Reuters report.

Samsung and Toshiba are the world leaders in NAND-flash manufacturing and are expected to join Intel in a consortium of around ten firms involved in semi conductor fabrication and material science. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is said to be likely to invest $60m in the consortium, around half of the initial R&D investment required.

Advancements in semiconductor fabrication technology coming out of the consortium are expected to benefit the contributing members in their respective fields, Samsung and Toshiba with flash memory and Intel with microprocessors according to the report.

The goal is to reach the 10nm barrier by 2016.

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