Young generation turning to gadgets instead

Brits call time on wrist watches

One in seven Brits no longer have any use for the humble wrist watch, thanks to devices such as mobile phones, a study has found.

The survey by market research firm Mintel found that majority (86 per cne) still owned a wrist watch, but with 91 per cent owning a mobile, British consumers are increasingly turning to multi-function gadgets to tell the time instead.

Mintel said sales of wrist watches amounted to £987 million in 2009 but that sales had been flat for some time with the majority of the market aimed at replacing old watches with low-end models.

"Many consumers have grown up with technology and are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch," said Mintel fashion analyst Tamara Sender.

Those aged under 25 were twice as likely (28 per cent) to have replaced a watch with a digital device. Mintel pointed out that watches are still very popular overall but with a shift towards watches as fashion accessories rather than time telling devices.

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