Report card arguably more about disclosure than impact

Apple plummets in Greenpeace rankings

Apple has dropped from fifth to ninth position in Greenpeace’s latest Guide to Greener Electronics.

Nokia retained its top position with a score of 7.5. "Overall, Nokia does best on the toxic chemicals criteria, followed by energy, and does least well on e-waste issues," Greenpeace said.

However Apple dropped in the chart, seemingly on the basis of failing to provide information about "management of chemicals and its supply chain communications".

"Apple also continues to score poorly for the minimal information it provides about its future toxic chemical phase-out plans", said Greenpeace.

Greenpeace has, however, faced criticism for its Guide to Greener Electronics in the past, with Roughly Drafted Magazine saying that it puts more emphasis on what companies declare rather than their actions. 

The full PDF report card Greenpeace provides for Apple shows that the firm scored zero points (the lowest) in one category of the Energy section because it has failed to make a statement supporting a reduction in carbon emissions. 

Nintendo continue to occupy last place on the list.

The Greenpeace Greener Guide to Electronics can be found here.

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