VIDEO: Next generation Android mascot appears on Google's lawn

Google unveil Android ‘Gingerbread’

The arrival of the latest super-sized dessert themed mascot for Google’s next version of the smartphone operating system Android has been documented on video.

Posted in the androiddeveloper’s channel on YouTube, the shakey-cam video entitled "We’ve been baking something" begins with a shot of a Google street sign before arriving in the car park at Google HQ.

A large ginger bread man statue is shown being delivered by truck, unboxed and placed on the lawn next to the Froyo statue. Google has been tight lipped about the next generation of Android, code-named Gingerbread and expected to be called Android 3.0.

While the unveiling of the latest dessert-themed statue may just be a curiosity in itself, appearance of the mascots for previous versions has been closely followed by further details and over the air release to Google’s own-brand handset the Nexus One.

A blurry video recently circulated purporting to show Android 3.0 on the Nexus One. The new OS is also notable because it is said to be the first that will be suitable for larger form factor devices including tablet PCs.

However Lenovo said last week that it would likely wait for the next version, Android Honeycomb (3.x), before launching a tablet in the US market.

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