Blogger blasts glitches in Symbian 3 OS

N8 Fail site launched by disgruntled Nokia owner

The Symbian 3 operating system of Nokia’s latest high end smartphone, the N8, has come under sustained criticism by one owner who set up a web site called N9 Fail – Reasons why the Nokia N8 sucks.

"I have an N8. I actively resent using it," proclaims the unidentified Nokia owner that has posted a string of updates with images and videos describing issues which writer finds less than ideal, often in colourful language.

Responding to a question from someone purporting to work at a mobile carrier as to why the blogger bought the N8: "I thought that this was an amazing camera, a really nice physical design and, honestly, how bad could it be," they replied.

The catalogue of documented issues includes the Ovi web store not being pre installed on the phone, echoing previous Nokia strategies of not pre-installing the N-Gage store. "Why Nokia? Why? Why not just pre-install Ovi?" the blogger asks. "Would it really be that hard for your teams to talk to each other?"

While clearly frustrated the site’s documentation of a range of software issues is often amusing. Some of which include the inability of the phone to handle hot-swapping memory cards, an attempt to recover an Ovi password resulting in a Captcha that vanishes when trying to enter the text, numerous UI issues and cryptic error messages abound.

The Nokia N8 is expected to be one of the last Sybian 3 OS phones from Nokia before the firm moves to the Intel co-developed MeeGo OS. As such the user’s experience may not represent Nokia smartphones in the medium term, or possibly even a typical user of the N8.

However the recent N8 reviews have also highlighted the challenge Nokia faces in offering a credible alternative to the current crop of high end smartphones.

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