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Available on 25th of October, Mongols pack is free download

Civilization 5 gains Mongols and Babylonian DLC packs

2K Games has announced two upcoming DLC ‘Scenario Packs’ for the recently released turn-based strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

The Babylonian and Mongols ‘civilization and scenario packs’ will challenge Civ 5 players to dominate and expand across new empires. Both packages will be available on the 25th of October via digital distribution channels such as Steam. The Mongols pack will be free and the Babylonian pack from the ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ will cost $4.99.

The Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack calls for the strongest leaders to ride with Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen to establish the largest continuous land empire ever seen. Rulers lead their civilization from humble beginnings on the steppes of Asia, until all under heaven tremble at the might of the nation.

Players can continue expanding their conquests with the Babylonian civilization Pack as the Babylonian ruler, Nebuchadnezzar II (c. 630 – c. 561 B.C.). As King of Babylon, gamers will be able to expand their empire with advanced Babylonian Bowmen to rightfully earn the title of Nebuchadnezzar the Great.

2K took the latest instalment of the cult strategy game in a new direction with hexagon based tiles which the company said allowed players ‘deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes’. The new engine of also provides new capabilities including a suite of community, modding and multiplayer elements.

Three patches have since been released which provide gameplay tweaks and fixes for bugs including issues with display resolution and crashes.

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