DisplaySearch: ?Uptake among consumers has been limited by high prices and lack of content?

3D TVs not selling

Research from market analysts DisplaySearch has revealed that 3D TV has failed to live up to expectations, with only 3.2 million sales forecast for this year.

According to DisplaySearch, the market has not grown as predicted due to high prices and a lack of content. However, as prices fall and content becomes more widely available, the researcher predicts that as prices fall and the technology and content improves, shipments will grow to 90 million in 2014.

The analyst claims that within this time period, 3D devices will grow to constitute 41 per cent of the overall TV market.

“While TV manufacturers have bold plans and a lot of new products, consumers remain cautious,” said the director of TV Electronics Research, Paul Gray. “Consumers have been told that 3D TV is the future, but there still remains a huge price jump and little 3D content to watch.”

An additional finding from the research was that most countries have failed to sell one pair of 3D glasses for every 3D TV sold, so presumably a number of customers are unable to actually use their devices.

“This is particularly disappointing,” continued Gray, “A healthy level would be closer to two pairs of 3D glasses per TV.”

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