Apple TV rival has appeared in US retail

Netgear offers rebranded Roku HD

Netgear has launched the Netgear Roku XD into the US retail channel, adding Netgear’s distribution clout to the Apple TV rival media player.

The Netgear Roku XD NTV250 is one inch high yet supports 1080p HD video streaming and comes equipped with Wireless-N networking capability, ethernet port and HDMI video output. However the version of the Roku that Netgear have rebranded does not have a local USB port for local playback.

In late September the Roku devices didn’t support DLNA although it was said to be coming in a future update. The Netgear website for the NTV250 doesn’t mention any capability to stream movies from a host PC, instead American on-demand services such as Netflix and Pandora remain the focus of the device.

Reliance on the network of content providers will likely play a role in deciding when or if the $90 NTV250 becomes available through the Netgear channel in Europe.

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