Analyist firms disagree on how many PCs sold in Q3

Gartner PC shipment figures clash with IDC’s

Gartner has claimed in a new report that PC shipments grew 7.6 per cent year-on-year, contrary to the 11 per cent claimed by IDC.

The Gartner report ‘Market Share Alert: Preliminary PC Market Results, Worldwide, 3Q10,’ stated that worldwide PC shipments totalled over 88.3 million units in the third quarter of 2010.

However, the data from the two researchers is fairly close and in agreement on the market share rankings of worldwide PC builders.

Both firms showed the meteoric rise of Chinese manufacturer Lenovo with a 30.5 (IDC) and 33.0 (Gartner) per cent PC shipment growth, attaining 4th ranking in global PC shipments while the firm fals to make the top five in the US market. The analysts also agreed that Dell had shown solid sales growth worldwide but performance in the US disappointed.

Gartner also cited a weak performance in the US and Western Europe in the vital back-to-school season but said that the disappointing performance wasn’t down to students but because "non student buyers" stayed away from the traditional back-to-school promotions. Tablets played a role in promotions failing to appeal to these buyers, Gartner said.

"Hype around media tablets has led consumers and the channels to take a ‘wait and see’ approach to buying a new device," said Gartner pricipal analyst Mikako Kitagawa. "Media tablets don’t replace primary PCs, but they affect PC purchases in many ways."

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