While 80% don't have the capacity to internally develop a strategy if they wanted to

95% of businesses have no plans for the cloud

While cloud computing has been paid lip service by the IT trade for years now, only five per cent of companies actually have a strategy to utilise it, according to research from TPI.

The study took in more than 140 global IT decision-makers, and also claimed only 20 per cent of firms actually have the internal capacity to effectively use the cloud.

Frequently tipped as the next big thing in the tech world, its fair to say the cloud has yet to make a major impact on the way businesses or the general public use computers. However some of the biggest and richest firms in the industry are committed to promoting the concept, putting their significant financial weight into various initiatives.

“Cloud Computing is widely seen as the next evolution of IT services, yet only a fraction of organizations have a strategy for dealing with it,” said Kevin Smilie, partner at TPI Cloud Computing Business Solutions. “Developing a plan to take advantage of this game-changing innovation in 2011 should be at the top of every CIO’s agenda.”

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