Actor is apparently not entirely converted to Windows

Stephen Fry shows off white iPhone 4

Fresh off the stage from promoting Windows Phone 7 in London this week, actor Stephen Fry has been waving around another mobile device – this time the eagerly awaited white iPhone 4.

Fry made his appearance with the phone at the T3 Gadget Awards just hours after spreading the word about Microsoft’s new mobile operating system.

He apparently reached into his pocket while on stage in order to show off his new Windows smartphone, but accidentally revealed the Apple device instead.

He then told the audience that his was the only white iPhone 4 in Europe, before putting it away and continuing his speech.

Apple indefinitely delayed the international launch of the white device back in July due to the “challenging” manufacturing process, and little has been heard of it since.

Fry made a surprise appearance at the Windows Phone 7 launch on Monday, breaking his longstanding de facto association with Apple.

“Oh, what joy there is in heaven when a sinner repents,” he told the crowd, before adding that he would still be carrying his iPhone and BlackBerry.

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