350 mile long link to network 6,000MW of wind turbines

Google invests in major US wind farm transmission scheme

Google announced has signed an agreement to invest in a power transmission backbone to link wind farms along the west cost of the US.

The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) backbone will extend for 350 miles down the coast of Virginia to New Jersey and will connect an estimated 6,000MW of offshore wind turbine generation capacity. The Internet giant described the project as not just a green marketing scheme but one that would offer a "solid financial return."

The AWC project is being built by a transmission company Trans-Elect and financed by a group of companies including Google, Good Energies and Japanese trading company the Marubeni Corporation. Google is fronting 37.5 of the money while the ambitious project goes about collecting the necessary approvals

"We believe in investing in projects that make good business sense and further the development of renewable energy," wrote Google Green Business boss Rick Needham on the Official Google Blog.

"We’re willing to take calculated risks on early stage ideas and projects that can have dramatic impacts while offering attractive returns. This willingness to be ahead of the industry and invest in large scale innovative projects is core to our success as a company.

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