Gearbox comments aimed at Games for Windows and Steam

Duke Nukem dev says Valve and Microsoft hurting PC games industry

The developer of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever has claimed that the Steam and Games For Windows platforms are damaging to the PC industry.

According to CVG, Gearbox marketing boss and Shacknews founder Steve Gibson said that Valve’s Steam and Microsoft’s Games for Windows are "hurting the PC industry for gamers."

Gibson claimed that gamers who buy a game on Games for Windows couldn’t play people who buy a game on Steam and went on to reportedly say "if another guy bought it in a retail store, he can’t play with the first two guys."

However gamers have been quick to point out that there are very few instances where this is true. Conversely there are a number of games, such as Dawn of War 2, which use the Games For Windows system which are then also sold via retail and Steam, all of which allow players to play together regardless of the version they bought.

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