Nokia MeeGo manager Ari Jaaksi quits but Intel says all is well

MeeGo smartphones wont ship until 2011

Intel has said that there will be no MeeGo powered smartphone in 2011 despite earlier statements that the dual Nokia and Intel developed OS was on track.

Earlier this week yet another Nokia management departure was announced, this time Ari Jaaksi who is understood to have responsibility for the firm’s upcoming MeeGo powered smartphones.

Nokia had initially planned MeeGo devices to appear before the end of the year but they were conspicuously abscent from the firm’s Nokia World show held in September in London.

Intel is hoping that the OS based on Linux will entice handset manufacturers to turn back to Intel chips rather than follow the persistent trend towards system-on-chips based on ARM processors cores.

Intel told Forbes that the company is pleased with the progress and had been "hitting our dates." Intel said that the firm’s application developer program had resulted in more than 1,000 MeeGo applications and the company is hard at work getting tools to developers to port their apps quickly from other platforms.

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