PCR research reveals most retailers think the firm is to become an even more dominant force in tech

Is Apple going to take over the world?

Consumer electronics trailblazer Apple is set to become an even more powerful player in the technology industry, according to PCR’s survey of key retailers across the UK.

When asked if Apple will become a much more dominant force, 68 per cent of respondents said yes, while 22 per cent said no, and 10 per cent were not sure.

Having grown to almost monopolise the MP3 player market, successfully opening up the tablet sector to the mass consumer market, and currently driving widespread HTML5 adoption, Apple certainly has a track record in market dominance in certain sectors.

However while recent products such as the iPad have clearly been a success, there is discord as to whether it, and the tablet market it is paving the way for, will in some way cannibalise the PC market.

What do you think? Will Apple grow to be even more prevalent in the technology space? Is this a good thing? Post your comments below.

This research is based in a targeted survey of 250 key chains, independents, and supermarkets across the UK.

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