BlackBerry App World hits 10,000 apps, less gas

RIM: ‘We don’t need 200 fart apps’

BlackBerry maker RIM said that its application store App World now has over 10,000 applications but the firm isn’t focusing on quantity.

"For us, apps are all about adding real value to the end-user’s life and creating revenue for developers," said RIM platform management boss Alan Panezic according to Recombu.

"We don’t need 200 fart apps in App World," he said.

Panezic talked up the idea of so-called "Super Apps" which would create a "sustainable app ecosystem". Applications which are only used three or four times aren’t wanted, said Panezic.

The BlackBerry App World boss reckons that there’s no intrinsic value in applications unless you’re looking at adverts, clicking on ads or buying premium upgrades.

App World has come under fire for the substantially higher average pricess of apps in comparison with rival stores from Google and Apple. Fart apps and the like may be trivial and have no value as far as upsell but if it gets your phone passed around in the pub the chances are you’re going to sell more of them.

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