Kesa owned retail chain refreshed with more colourful look, firm looks to move away from techno-babble

Comet aims to inject ‘personality’ into tech retail

Having given its corporate and in-store image a lick of paint, Comet says it is looking to put more ‘personality’ into electricals retail, as part of its strategy to snatch customers away from big-chain rivals Dixons Retail and Best Buy.

The Kesa owned retailer, which has 250 stores across the UK, claims corporate, jargon fuelled selling stance are rife in the retail sector, and that customers want much more of a personable shopping experience.

"A lot of people in the market today will really just talk about product features, and not actually translate them into customer benefits," head of marketing Bill Moir told PCR. "What we’re learning from customers is that they really want someone to do that translation for them. I don’t think anyone stands out particularly as having a personality.

"This refresh is really focussed on having a personality, as well as the knowledge. I think we really want to change our communication now so that we feel different, so we come across as more accessible and friendly, and less corporate than we have been in the past and our competitors are."

The brand refresh is backed up by a new advertising campaign under the tagline ‘come and play’, which will focus on the actual benefits of consumer electronics, as part of Comet’s desire to distance itself from spec-based selling – or techno-babble.

"We actually are quite different in what we do, we just haven’t necessarily communicated that as effectively as we’d like. Our aim is to help people discover how technology can improve their lives. All that we have done this year and what we do next year will be towards delivering that."

To read PCR’s full interview with Comet, click here.

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