USB-IF hopes the new version will take off this time

Wireless USB standard 1.1 released

The Wireless USB Promoter group announced the completion of the Wireless USB 1.1 specification which offers performance enhancements over the lacklustre predecessor.

"The Wireless USB 1.1 specification is the next step in Wireless USB technology," said USB-IF boss Jeff Ravencraft. "Consumers want a fast, easy-to-use solution to wirelessly transfer content from PCs to devices. Wireless USB 1.1 is the solution supporting robust, high-speed wireles connectivity among devices."

The new version optimises power efficiency through lower idle power and a new association model for NEar Field Communication (NFC) and proximity-based association will make the standard easier to use and configure said the USB-IF.

Wireless USB 1.0 didn’t make much of an impact, largely because of flaws with the standard such as faffing about pairing devices and heavy battery drain, not to mention cost. With these shortcomings addressed the standards body will now be hoping to see wider support in consumer devices.

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