Report finds most parents want their offspring to use an e-reader

E-books could make kids read more

Over half of children are interested in e-books, with many saying they would read more in electronic format, a study has found.

The Kids and Family Reading Report, compiled by publishing house Scholastic, found that 57 per cent of kids aged nine to 17 said they were interested in reading an e-book, while a third said they would read more if they had access to an e-reader.

According to Scholastic, the findings from the study also suggest that the sector is set to grow. While only six per cent of the parents surveyed owned a device on which they could read e-books, 16 per cent intend to buy one in the next year.

83 per cent of parents said they would allow or encourage their children to use their e-reader.

"While parents understandably have concerns about the amount of time their kids are spending on electronic or digital devices, e-books offer a way to get more kids reading and kids reading more," said Francie Alexander, Scholastic’s chief academic officer.

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