Ongoing smartphone patent dispute goes international

Apple sues Nokia in the UK

Apple has filed a suit in the UK courts alleging that Finish phone maker Nokia is infringing upon 9 of the firm’s patents.

The move is part of a tit for tat escalation which began when Nokia began action in the US alleging Apple infringed upon a number of patents including 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Two months later Apple filed a countersuit.

In May this year Nokia added the iPad and iPhone to the firm’s complaint. The patents involve issues so general as downloading applications and sending email. Both sides have issued belicose statements alleging theft of innovation and so on.

"It changes nothing in the fundamentals of the matter, which are rooted in Apple’s refusal to respect Nokia’s intellectual property and attempt to free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation," said Nokia in a release.

The US legal proceedings are on hold pending findings by US International Trade Commission (ITC) on the two claims next year.

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