HP and Dell exit will leave the market to Asus and Acer

Acer: Netbooks won’t die

Acer president Scott Lin said that despite pessimistic statements to the contrary, the netbook category will not die out.

At a press conference in Taiwan, Lin had been asked about PC makers shifting towards tablet PCs and away from netbooks, Digitimes reports.

Lin forecast that global netbook shipments for 2010 will be around 40 million units, roughly 20 per cent of the entire notebook market.

He didn’t go far as to say that growth could be expected in the category, instead saying that 2011 will remain around the same level. Acer and fellow Taiwanese manufacturer Asus would have more of the market to themselves following the withdrawal of Dell and HP.

Pinning hopes on Intel’s new Atom N550 CPU offering better performance at the same price, Lin said that the price to performance ratio for netbooks based on Intel’s revamped Atom CPUs would be attractive to consumers.

Acer expects to sell two million smartphones in 2011 and set an aggressive goal to more than double their smartphone shipments to four or five million in 2011.

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